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grace petrie at st. pancras old church.

As mentioned in my earlier post about Emmy the Great’s new album, Virtue,  last Wednesday I was lucky enough to see her play a very intimate gig in St. Pancras Old Church. One of the surprise highlights of the evening was the support act, Grace Petrie, and not only because until we arrived we weren’t actually aware there was a support act on the bill.

Trying not to state the obvious here, St. Pancras Old Church is a very small old church not too far away from Kings Cross St. Pancras station. Because of a little confusion about which church the gig was actually going to be held in, Continue reading


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who is the passionate & objective jokerfan?

It was sometime last year that I stumbled upon this less than conventional musician. I can remember the day pretty well – I was sat in the overcrowded short loan section of the University library with my headphones plugged into my laptop, listening to music on Spotify (before my troubles with usage limits and sampling different websites) while I procrastinated my way through an essay. I had typed “Ben Gibbard” into Spotify’s search bar, trying to find one of the Death Cab For Cutie front man’s solo tracks, only to be greeted by a track named after the singer himself. The artist was someone completely unknown to me – The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan. Although not what I had been looking for, I decided to queue it up anyway in the interest of procrastination.

It’s difficult to explain the experience I had on the first listen, Continue reading


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my fifty-thousand.

On the 30th June 2011 (in around 17 days time) I will have had my account for five whole years. Which is a relatively long time for an internet service. My love affair with Myspace definitely didn’t last that long.

What has made this anniversary extra special though, is how close I am to fifty-thousand plays. Continue reading

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emmy the great – virtue.

I honestly don’t remember how I first came across Emmy the Great. The first thing I really remember was putting a couple of her tracks on a mix and singing “I would marry you for money but I don’t suppose you’ll ever have enough” at its recipient. With lyrics like that, it’s hard to not find something intriguing about Emma Lee Moss’ debut album, First Love, and I fell for its quirky sentiments and its occasionally graphic sexual references (“you said ‘I’ll stop it if it’s tearing'”- nice). Two Steps Forward remains a favourite track.

So when I heard of a new album release, Continue reading

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Ever since I first discovered I could scrobble my Spotify plays to my account I’ve been hooked on the mean-green-music-player. This was around the time that I’d abandoned my former mean-green-music partner, Limewire, in search of more… legal pastures. What I found so great about Spotify was that I could listen endlessly to all of my favourite artists and albums while sat at my computer, but if I wanted to put music on my mp3 player I would still have to buy CDs or downloads.

Don’t get me wrong,  Continue reading

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welcome along.

Hello and welcome along to yet another of the millions of music blogs the internet has to offer.
I’m not claiming that this one will be any different, but occasionally I hear artists who catch my attention and feel that they should be shared with a few people.

So if you enjoy reading about unknown bands, album reviews, gig reviews and music nostalgia then I hope you’ll find something here that keeps you interested.


Brand New – Mix Tape

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