my fifty-thousand.

On the 30th June 2011 (in around 17 days time) I will have had my account for five whole years. Which is a relatively long time for an internet service. My love affair with Myspace definitely didn’t last that long.

What has made this anniversary extra special though, is how close I am to fifty-thousand plays. As I type this I am currently sat at 48,854 plays. That’s only 1146 away (which is an average of 67 tracks per day between now and then to get to fifty-thousand on the 30th June! etc etc). I’m sure you get the idea.

Fifty-thousand plays is certainly something to be proud of, I think. If nothing else it shows my dedication to ceaselessly finding music players that will record my every musical move. And don’t get me wrong, discovering last year that I could find noteworthy moments in my life and see what I was listening to on that particular day three years ago was somewhat eye-opening (if not a little depressing). But I’ve developed a slight problem with all of this. It’s that constant niggling feeling that I get when I’m driving the 6hr journey between here and home with an awesome playlist queued up on my mp3 player. Because I know that it’s 6hrs of my music history that isn’t being recorded! As a sane person I know that it doesn’t really matter, but honestly, it drives the slightly anal stats-obsessive in me to distraction.

With this in mind, I know for a fact that I’ve passed the landmark fifty-thousand already. There was basically a whole year where I had no access to the internet, thus no scrobbling. Not to mention the countless times I’ve been happily listening to music on the temperamental-at-best WMP only to find that the plug-in wasn’t turned on. Yet I can’t help but plot my approach to my fifty-thousand-fifth-year-anniversary like it’s of desperate importance. It should probably be noted here that I am currently on summer break and presently unemployed. I don’t normally find such importance in trivial things. Well… most of the time.

I did find a solution to one irksome oversight though. I’m probably the one of the very few people using that actually finds this annoying, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. I used to find it really troublesome when I would spend the day with someone else, listening to their music, knowing they were happily scrobbling away when there was no record at all of my having listened to anything. But there was a solution! We came across FriendScrobbler while I angrily searched for a plug-in to solve this problem (was I really going to have to lock myself in my house with my laptop everyday, just to make my 67 daily plays quota??). Because scrobbling together is more fun!

I hope that this neurotic scrobble-explosion has encouraged you to seek out for yourself, so you too can obsess over music related stats. And maybe you can wish me a happy fifty-thousand when 30th June rolls around (I will make it!).

Foals – Mathletics


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