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james yuill – folktronica for sunny days.

I wish that I could take credit for finding James Yuill, but unfortunately he was not my discovery. I was introduced to him on a sunny day in London through one half of a pair of earphones. And what a happy discovery it was. I’ve had a thing for Indie/Folk mixed with electronica for a while now – Ellie Goulding probably started this for me with her Wish I Stayed demo back in 2008. Continue reading



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the glastonbury series – the lost art of keeping a secret.

One of the biggest issues we had over the course of Glastonbury Festival was trying to actually decide which bands to go and see. As well as the numerous acts announced on the lineup, there was also the excitement of the not-so-secret shows across the weekend too. This began for us on the Thursday when we ventured over to the Wow! stage to catch the “Special Guest” along with what seemed like half of Glastonbury. The best thing about it was probably the idle speculation that went on in the time spent waiting around. People were suggesting everything from Thom Yorke to Ke$ha. Unfortunately, to most people’s disappointment, it did actually turn out to be Ke$ha. Continue reading

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the glastonbury series – highlights.

It seems like such a long time since our Glastonbury tickets were hand delivered by an odd man in an old car, wearing a straw hat. But barely a month later we were making the mammoth journey down from North Wales to the South West of England.

Keep checking back for individual artist reviews, including Elbow, Pendulum and Admiral Fallow. For now I’m just going to give a basic run-through of my general weekend (five days…) highlights. Continue reading

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