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mistaken for strangers.

I love The National. It’s no secret; I’ve been hooked since I first listened to About Today in 2008 (four years late to the party – the Cherry Tree EP was released in 2004). Needless to say, with the subsequent release of High Violet in 2010 and the fantastic Trouble Will Find Me in 2013, the band have gained more fans and an increasing level of critical acclaim and the fame that comes along with it. And I became completely enamoured. In the past eight months I’ve gone from never having seen them live to being lucky enough to see them three times.

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dave mcpherson.

InMe’s Dave McPherson has been working solo for the past few years, and his second album Dreamoir is due for release in June. Although a departure from InMe’s style, McPherson has managed to produce a beautiful acoustic sound without completely removing all of the anger that featured so prominently on albums like Overgrown Eden.

InMe always produced a fantastic live atmosphere – I’ve got fond memories of seeing them at Colchester Art Centre shortly after White Butterfly was released – and Dave’s solo shows promise to be no less enjoyable both for die-hard InMe fans and for those interested in McPherson’s acoustic talent.

There are still a few dates left this month for a chance to hear Dreamoir before its release in June.

May 6 – The Maze, Nottingham – Get Tickets
May 7 – Fibbers, York – Get Tickets
May 8 – Broadcast, Glasgow – Get Tickets
May 9 – Manchester The Ruby Lounge, Manchester – Get Tickets
May 10 – Eddie’s Rock Club, Birmingham – Get Tickets
June 6 – Barfly, London Borough Of Camden – Get Tickets

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One of my biggest regrets about having a lot of work lately has been not being able to tell you about this band sooner. The most I could manage was a Twitter update a month or so ago. But the work is done, the sun is shining and I’m inside listening to 2:54. And I couldn’t be happier.

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radiohead (+various) – TKOL RMX 1234567

Ah Radiohead. Not content with letting The King of Limbs settle into its own Radiohead-discography niche, they’ve now released a remix album from the likes of Jamie xx and Four Tet less than eight months after the release of the original. TKOL RMX 1234567 (try to avoid mentioning the Kings of Leon when talking about it, the similarities exist in acronyms alone) is a thoroughly engrossing listen. Continue reading

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widowspeak – perfect debuts and perfect covers.

I am not ashamed to admit, I have been in love with Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game probably since it featured on those pretentious adverts for the Jaguar X-Type back in 2001. Yes, I may have only been ten at the time, but having been brought up on Pink Floyd I was never the sort of girl who was into 90s cheese pop (let’s just ignore the Steps CD…) and Wicked Game, with its addictive guitar riff, was just perfection. Continue reading

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welcome along.

Hello and welcome along to yet another of the millions of music blogs the internet has to offer.
I’m not claiming that this one will be any different, but occasionally I hear artists who catch my attention and feel that they should be shared with a few people.

So if you enjoy reading about unknown bands, album reviews, gig reviews and music nostalgia then I hope you’ll find something here that keeps you interested.


Brand New – Mix Tape

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