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I can’t say I’ve ever been to an art auction/gig before. To be honest, I hadn’t intended to go to either. My plans for last night included some Mexican food, and a couple of quiet cocktails with friends in time to make the last bus out of town. But in addition to the above, I also got to see Colchester duo YSBM playing in one of the town’s quirkier venues – The Waiting Room.
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james yuill – folktronica for sunny days.

I wish that I could take credit for finding James Yuill, but unfortunately he was not my discovery. I was introduced to him on a sunny day in London through one half of a pair of earphones. And what a happy discovery it was. I’ve had a thing for Indie/Folk mixed with electronica for a while now – Ellie Goulding probably started this for me with her Wish I Stayed demo back in 2008. Continue reading


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Ever since I first discovered I could scrobble my Spotify plays to my account I’ve been hooked on the mean-green-music-player. This was around the time that I’d abandoned my former mean-green-music partner, Limewire, in search of more… legal pastures. What I found so great about Spotify was that I could listen endlessly to all of my favourite artists and albums while sat at my computer, but if I wanted to put music on my mp3 player I would still have to buy CDs or downloads.

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