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I can’t say I’ve ever been to an art auction/gig before. To be honest, I hadn’t intended to go to either. My plans for last night included some Mexican food, and a couple of quiet cocktails with friends in time to make the last bus out of town. But in addition to the above, I also got to see Colchester duo YSBM playing in one of the town’s quirkier venues – The Waiting Room.
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dave mcpherson.

InMe’s Dave McPherson has been working solo for the past few years, and his second album Dreamoir is due for release in June. Although a departure from InMe’s style, McPherson has managed to produce a beautiful acoustic sound without completely removing all of the anger that featured so prominently on albums like Overgrown Eden.

InMe always produced a fantastic live atmosphere – I’ve got fond memories of seeing them at Colchester Art Centre shortly after White Butterfly was released – and Dave’s solo shows promise to be no less enjoyable both for die-hard InMe fans and for those interested in McPherson’s acoustic talent.

There are still a few dates left this month for a chance to hear Dreamoir before its release in June.

May 6 – The Maze, Nottingham – Get Tickets
May 7 – Fibbers, York – Get Tickets
May 8 – Broadcast, Glasgow – Get Tickets
May 9 – Manchester The Ruby Lounge, Manchester – Get Tickets
May 10 – Eddie’s Rock Club, Birmingham – Get Tickets
June 6 – Barfly, London Borough Of Camden – Get Tickets

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paul thomas saunders & julia stone at the royal northern college of music.

Last week I was lucky enough to see two brilliant artists in one of the most grown-up settings I’ve been to in a long while. Keeping in mind that five days previously I was jumping around like a mad person whilst watching Muse at the O2 in London, finding myself sat in the front row of a tiny concert hall somewhere in Manchester was something of a novelty. I’ve loved Julia Stone since I first heard the material she’d produced with her brother Angus, and kicked myself for missing their UK tour dates a couple of years ago. But it was the fact that Paul Thomas Saunders was supporting that led me to book the tickets in the first place.

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benjamin francis leftwich secret RNLI session.

It couldn’t have been more perfect – an exclusive, free secret show in Aberystwyth for an artist I currently can’t get enough of. I knew about the RNLI before but right then they became my favourite charity organisation. I sent off my email and waited for a text letting me know that I’d got a ticket. And I waited. And waited. I knew that booking the evening off in anticipation had been too optimistic. Then, the day before the show, it arrived.  Continue reading

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the glastonbury series – admiral fallow.

Admiral Fallow were one of my highlights of Glastonbury and set the bar for my best day of the whole Festival. Considering we weren’t even planning to see them, that’s probably saying a lot. The band we were actually hoping to see that morning was Stornoway (who, incidentally, are named after a Scottish town but actually come from Oxford. Unlike Admiral Fallow, who are indeed Scottish). Continue reading

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the glastonbury series – the lost art of keeping a secret.

One of the biggest issues we had over the course of Glastonbury Festival was trying to actually decide which bands to go and see. As well as the numerous acts announced on the lineup, there was also the excitement of the not-so-secret shows across the weekend too. This began for us on the Thursday when we ventured over to the Wow! stage to catch the “Special Guest” along with what seemed like half of Glastonbury. The best thing about it was probably the idle speculation that went on in the time spent waiting around. People were suggesting everything from Thom Yorke to Ke$ha. Unfortunately, to most people’s disappointment, it did actually turn out to be Ke$ha. Continue reading

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the glastonbury series – highlights.

It seems like such a long time since our Glastonbury tickets were hand delivered by an odd man in an old car, wearing a straw hat. But barely a month later we were making the mammoth journey down from North Wales to the South West of England.

Keep checking back for individual artist reviews, including Elbow, Pendulum and Admiral Fallow. For now I’m just going to give a basic run-through of my general weekend (five days…) highlights. Continue reading

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