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I can’t say I’ve ever been to an art auction/gig before. To be honest, I hadn’t intended to go to either. My plans for last night included some Mexican food, and a couple of quiet cocktails with friends in time to make the last bus out of town. But in addition to the above, I also got to see Colchester duo YSBM playing in one of the town’s quirkier venues – The Waiting Room.
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dave mcpherson.

InMe’s Dave McPherson has been working solo for the past few years, and his second album Dreamoir is due for release in June. Although a departure from InMe’s style, McPherson has managed to produce a beautiful acoustic sound without completely removing all of the anger that featured so prominently on albums like Overgrown Eden.

InMe always produced a fantastic live atmosphere – I’ve got fond memories of seeing them at Colchester Art Centre shortly after White Butterfly was released – and Dave’s solo shows promise to be no less enjoyable both for die-hard InMe fans and for those interested in McPherson’s acoustic talent.

There are still a few dates left this month for a chance to hear Dreamoir before its release in June.

May 6 – The Maze, Nottingham – Get Tickets
May 7 – Fibbers, York – Get Tickets
May 8 – Broadcast, Glasgow – Get Tickets
May 9 – Manchester The Ruby Lounge, Manchester – Get Tickets
May 10 – Eddie’s Rock Club, Birmingham – Get Tickets
June 6 – Barfly, London Borough Of Camden – Get Tickets

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annie dressner – east twenties.

New York singer-songwriter Annie Dressner took a coveted spot on my Spotify starred list at the end of 2012 when I listened to her debut album Strangers Who Knew Each Other’s Names. Since moving to the UK, Dressner has played many venues across the country, including the Cambridge Folk Festival and Secret Garden Party – with more festival dates to come this summer. Her website boasts praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft, amongst others, and from listening to her new EP East Twenties, it’s easy to see why. Continue reading

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an escape plan – living together.

Some time ago I wrote a post about finding brilliant tracks through their use in tv-shows and occasionally in adverts. Well, it’s happened again. Coming scarily close to overtaking their cats advert as my favourite IKEA advert ever (yes, I rank IKEA adverts separately from all other adverts), the Swedish flat-packed furniture people have put together a video that makes tidying-up look like the most emotional and heartfelt activity ever. It’s put together beautifully and soundtracked by the brilliant An Escape Plan.
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sam page – breach.

Imagine, if you can, a university lecturer/college professor. Someone who had gained a PhD in Philosophy, taught for five years and then gave it all up to pursue a music career. Sam Page is that former Philosophy professor, but drop any preconceptions about his music style right there. His bio says that he “needed a break from being rational”, and from the sounds of his debut album Breach, that’s exactly what he’s done.

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paul thomas saunders & julia stone at the royal northern college of music.

Last week I was lucky enough to see two brilliant artists in one of the most grown-up settings I’ve been to in a long while. Keeping in mind that five days previously I was jumping around like a mad person whilst watching Muse at the O2 in London, finding myself sat in the front row of a tiny concert hall somewhere in Manchester was something of a novelty. I’ve loved Julia Stone since I first heard the material she’d produced with her brother Angus, and kicked myself for missing their UK tour dates a couple of years ago. But it was the fact that Paul Thomas Saunders was supporting that led me to book the tickets in the first place.

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new music trailer.

Over the past week or so a number of announcements have made me incredibly excited for all of the new music we’re due at some point in the not-too-distant future. Excited and slightly concerned for my bank balance (the  £125 set to leave my bank account for Muse tickets is bittersweet). So, to let you all in on the fun, here’s my list of upcoming releases that you should all be looking forward to.

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