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who is the passionate & objective jokerfan?

It was sometime last year that I stumbled upon this less than conventional musician. I can remember the day pretty well – I was sat in the overcrowded short loan section of the University library with my headphones plugged into my laptop, listening to music on Spotify (before my troubles with usage limits and sampling different websites) while I procrastinated my way through an essay. I had typed “Ben Gibbard” into Spotify’s search bar, trying to find one of the Death Cab For Cutie front man’s solo tracks, only to be greeted by a track named after the singer himself. The artist was someone completely unknown to me – The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan. Although not what I had been looking for, I decided to queue it up anyway in the interest of procrastination.

It’s difficult to explain the experience I had on the first listen, Continue reading



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